40 Very Random Things About Me

  1. Name: I like my name: Bethany Dawn Swanson.  When I got married, I became a Swanson so I didn’t keep my maiden name.
  2. Lessons: My kids daily reveal to me how my relationship with Christ is.  When they whine, I realize I do it too.  When they celebrate with me, I realize I do it too.   When they mess up, I realize I do too.  When they doubt, I realize do it too.
  3. Paul: My husband is my dearest friend it the world, and he is sexiest person I know!  He knows more about me than any one on earth including me, and he loves me anyway.  He is my hero!  I never wanted to get married in a church.  I just wanted to elope.  So, I bought a white dress off the rack from J.C. Penney’s and married my high school sweetheart in a church!  I wrote all the words for our wedding and made all the flower arrangements.
  4. Brenda: My sister, is the rainbow in my life.  We see each other about every two years or so, but we speak almost every day.  She is the only person I know that I can speak to for an hour and say nothing of consequence at all.  However, growing up, she was the thorn in my side.  Being that we are so opposite and had to share a room, we could not get along.  As soon as Brian left for college, we got our own rooms.  From that point on, we became closer and closer until she is one of my two best friends.  I joke with her that if God had not made us sisters, we probably wouldn’t be friends at all.
  5. Home: Since I have been married, I have lived in 12 different homes.
  6. Work: My first job was babysitting.  My second job was cleaning hotel-style rooms for a mission. I have never worked in a fast food restaurant.
  7. Pregnancy: I am the worst pregnant woman on earth.  I do not do well with being pregnant.  The only reason I tried it a second time is because several women told me that each pregnancy was different and I shouldn’t judge one by the other.  When I was in the hospital with a feeding tube up my nose at ten weeks, I knew I was finished.  What a blessing my two beautiful children are!
  8. Car: My first car was given to me by my parents.  They paid $700 for it in 1991.  It was a yellow 1979 Pontiac station wagon.  Yes, it had the stickers down the side which looked like wood paneling.  The horn had been rewired so many times the final person rewired it to a button on the dashboard.
  9. Relationships: I wasn’t a nice girlfriend.  Sorry Paul!  I am the only girl Paul kissed.  I trained him well!  ^_^
  10. Personality: I am hopelessly romantic.  I even decorate the back of my Christmas tree.  I love to kiss – Paul of course!
  11. Certainty: I am more secure with myself today than I have ever been.  I believe it is because God is working on me and I like the improvements!
  12. Hopes: I dream of someday traveling the world with Paul.  I want to go to Italy (all of it!), England, Ireland and France.  Who knows, maybe more!
  13. Impression: I have discovered that I am one of those people who blend it.  Most of my teachers don’t remember having me and if they do, it is only a vague memory.  They remember my brother and my sister, but not me.
  14. Isaiah: My son’s name means God is salvation.  Isaiah’s middle name is his father’s first name which is a tradition which has been passed down for four generations now.  When he is in trouble, I call him Isaiah Paul Vernon Wilfred Swanson.  I kind of wish I would have put that on his birth certificate.
  15. Elena: My daughter’s name means light.  Her middle name means myrrh.  Paul once said, “She is our little scented candle.”
  16. Regrets: I have very few regrets in life – so far!
  17. Beer: I love beer bread but can’t get past the smell of beer.  I have never had any desire to every try any alcohol whatsoever!
  18. Colors: My favorite color is green and I don’t know why.
  19. Outdoors: I never really liked being outside as a kid.  In fact, until I moved to California, I didn’t like going outside at all.  There were too many bugs.  BUT now I am outdoors at least once a day.  I love to take walks to the park with my dog Buster.  I love how SoCal is warm during the day and cool almost every night.  I love how there is almost no humidity here.  If there is one thing I miss, it is the great thunderstorms!
  20. I love being a stay-at-home mom.  Some days guilt creeps in that I am not giving more to help our family’s bottom line, but then I realize my investment of time in my children’s lives doesn’t have a price.
  21. Cuddles: My son won’t let others hug him or kiss him, but he will let his father and I cuddle him till he’s blue.  Love it!
  22. Rewards: Elena gets rewarded for good at school behavior by camping out with mom in her bed on Friday nights.
  23. Therapy: Writing is so releasing!  I really don’t know if my books will ever make it into book form, but the joy of creating and expressing is therapy at its finest.  As a writer, I am able to create life, cause death, create love or wreak havoc.  I have fallen in love with my characters and I want to share them with the world.  I have come to understand why God wants so much of us.  He created us.  He loves us.  He wants the best for us.
  24. Being published: I was first published in a middle school poetry journal.  Mrs. Walukanis was the bomb!  I wonder if she is still around?  She was the first teacher who had our spelling tests on Thursdays so we could write all day Friday.  I hated spelling (I have my whole life) and it was the first time I enjoyed Fridays.  Mrs. Walukanis put together a little publication just for our school of writing pieces and art work.  I was able to draw pictures for the journal as well.
  25. Training: I took journalism in high school.  I was on the yearbook staff my senior year and wrote several articles, but because I graduated mid-term, they didn’t include my pictures was one of the yearbook staff.
  26. Oxymoron: I love to write, but I don’t really like to read.  I have seldom read a fiction book (with the exception of the Twilight Saga), but I love to write fiction.  For some reason, I don’t like other people putting their thoughts into my head.  I want to be the one to create.  Yet, I want to be the one to write fiction.  Go figure!
  27. Pampering:  I have never had a professional massage or facial; however, my husband is the best at giving back and feet massages!
  28. Music: I love all kinds of music with the only exception being country music.
  29. Parents: God totally knew what He was doing when he gave me my parents!  They were the perfect parents for me, no, not perfect, just perfect for me.
  30. Cousin: When we used to visit family for he holidays, my cousin, Barb, would always ask for me to rub her back.  Then she would act like she fell asleep and never give me a back rub.  Barbie, if you are reading this, you owe me!  Big Time!
  31. Other cousins: When the only other two girl cousins we had growing up, Christin and Annie, came to visit, we would play Barbies, make forts out of blankets and do make overs.  I could do mean big bangs on any girl!  Poor things!  I loved how they would ask me what was “cool” at the time.  They are now two of the most beautiful women I know and am learning from them.  However, what they teach me is far more practical and eternal than anything I have ever taught them.
  32. Dating: I wasn’t allowed to date till I was sixteen.  I said I wasn’t allowed, not that I didn’t.  That is, I switched swatches with boys and sat with them during football games.
  33. Misunderstanding: Paul asked me out for our first date one Thursday night after youth group.  Because we had to be home by nine, I wasn’t able to.  He asked if I could go out with him the following night.  When I asked my parents whom had told me not to make plans that night, we had a long argument (one of only two I ever remember having with them) until I mentioned it was a boy who had asked me out.  You see, they thought I wanted to hang out with Tiffany, not go on a date.  They started to laugh and I got frustrated, but I was able to go.  Neither of us could drive, so we double dated that night.  I am writing a book about that whole first date experience.
  34. Yelling: We were not permitted to raise our voices in our home growing up.  In fact, Dad installed intercoms throughout our little home so we wouldn’t have to yell to get someone’s attention.
  35. Electronics: We didn’t have a phone line or a television in our house in Argentina or Bolivia.  So, I didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street.  I never really understood that show.  In my high school memory book, I wrote that America’s Funniest Home Videos was my favorite show.  Can you believe that it is still on? We never had a computer in the house when I was growing up.
  36. Schooling: I have been homeschooled, been to public school and private school.  From kindergarten to fifth grade, I attended seven different schools.
  37. Foreigner:  I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  I lived in Salta, Argentina.  The city I live in now, Azusa, is Salta’s twin city.
  38. Friends: I truly believe that blood is thicker than water.  I can pick up on the goings on of a relative I haven’t seen in years so much easier than an acquaintance.  I am so thankful for Facebook so I can drop a quick comment just to keep in touch.  I really am trying to stay in touch.  I love deeply, but don’t often take the time to express it.
  39. Dogs: I have had six dachshunds in my life: Ginger, Willy, Junior, Sally, Henry and Buster.  FYI: We bred Junior and Sally so they had several litters, but I don’t count them as our dogs because we sold or gave them away.
  40. Why: I feel like these kinds of activities are extremely egocentric, but apparently, I am feeling egocentric today.  Enjoy my geocentricism!

If you took the time to read this, please take a second more and write at least one thing about your self in the comments.

About bethanyswanson

I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, writer, teacher, artist, cook, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, friend, laundry lady, house keeper, taxi service, sensory of movies and tv, and work in progress.
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5 Responses to 40 Very Random Things About Me

  1. Phyllis Kushman says:

    Interesting! Love you sooooooooooooooooo much!

  2. Barb Cullen says:

    Loved reading the 40 things about you. You are never going to forget that I owe you a back rub are you? I really was sleeping ;). We had so much fun when we were little, didn’t we? So here is something about me…… I love you very much and enjoy reading your blog every week. Keep on writing and sharing and I would love to read your book or books when you are done.

    • Barbie,

      Luckily for you, I married a man who will give me a back rub any time I want. It just happens to be one of those things I remember from childhood. Do you remember how we would stay up all hours of the night planning to run away? Why did you want to run away so badly?

      Thanks for stopping in a reading! I love knowing there are those who will read one of my favorite past times – writing!

      Love you tons, Cuz!

      • Barb Cullen says:

        Tell your wonderful husband to give you a back rub and say its from me… then I suppose I will owe him something too. HEE HEE I’m just good at getting out of these back rubs. Just ask Aaron…. I’m still doing it. 🙂

        I don’t remember staying up late and making plans to run away. Of course if you had brothers like mine the thought might of crossed your mind a time or two. Just kidding! I love my brothers!!! Seriously though, I don’t remember doing that at all. Now maybe making plans to sneak out of the house…. that would of been more like me! I would of always come back though. 🙂

  3. The comment about your “other cousins” (me and Annie 😉 made me cry! We loved and still do love you and Brenda! It meant so much to us that you’d invest your time and energy to hang out with your younger, not-so-cool girl cousins! 😉

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