Holding The Hand

Paul’s hand always brings such security, and, when I hold it, I feel like I am being claimed by him.

As I sat last night in church I held his hand. I attempted to stifle a yawn behind my hands. They smelled like bleach.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, Paul had served our family by bleaching the scrub brush with which we wash dishes. Consequently, his hands smelled of bleach. When I held his hand, I then smelled like bleach.

That is when it came to me. God likewise serves us regularly. I also affirmed that He is my Safety. And He claims me. Oh to hold His hand!

So I asked, of what do the Hands of God smell? Of: service, sacrifice, love, compassion, joy, comfort, peace, protection, grace, correction, guidance, passion, eternity, mercy, wisdom, majesty, justice, royalty, hope, just to name a few.

Oh that I may touch this world after holding His hand!

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.”             Isaiah 41:13


About bethanyswanson

I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, writer, teacher, artist, cook, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, friend, laundry lady, house keeper, taxi service, sensory of movies and tv, and work in progress.
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1 Response to Holding The Hand

  1. Dave Johnson says:

    Great post, love it!

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