Selflessness From A Self-Centered Child

Paul was speaking with Elena tonight about her future as he was tucking her in bed.

Elena in her stage make-up and hair

Elena admitted, “Yeah, I really like acting. I know the shows now are kind of small, but I really like getting on stage.”

Paul encouraged her, “You know, Elena, even if you never become a superstar, God can used what you are learning now so that you can some day help kids learn to act.”

She sighed deep and thought about it further. “And when they ask me what I want to get paid, I will just tell them that I don’t need any money. The smiles of kids are enough.”

“Elena, when we give without expecting anything in return, that is where the heart of God is.” He leaned in for a hug. Touched by her selflessness, he asked, “May I tell Mommy about what you said?”


“Is it okay if she puts it on Facebook?”

Waving her hand through the air, “Sure, blab it to the world.” He kissed her a final goodnight kiss with his lips in a grin while she pressed him, “Daddy, you might want to go tell her now.”

About bethanyswanson

I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, writer, teacher, artist, cook, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, friend, laundry lady, house keeper, taxi service, sensory of movies and tv, and work in progress.
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