A Spiritual Life Lesson

I stepped out of the car Sunday after church only to have our neighbor greet me with smile, “Oh good you’re home,” but his tone was off.


“Do you need something?”  The heavy humidity caused me to move slowly from the car.


“The roof of the laundry room is leaking and it must be coming from your house.”


I hustled up the stairs expecting to see a pool of water taunting me in the middle of the kitchen.  I cannot express the relief I felt when everything appeared dry.  The cabinet under the kitchen sink was dry.  This was the most common place for leaking in our house.  Quickly proceeding to the bathroom, I sickeningly imagined what might be waiting for me in there.  Relief again flooded as I couldn’t find a leak in there either.


Everything seemed dry.


So, I proceeded to our neighbors to inform him that it wasn’t coming from our condo.  He gave me the HOA’s phone number in case I saw our other neighbors before he did.  By the time I finished my conversation with our neighbor, Paul had pulled the plethora of items from under the bathroom and kitchen sink doing a more thorough examination.


I walked into the kitchen.  He was pulling items from the corner cupboard.  We never used that corner other than for long term storage of items like cake carriers, pie pans, deviled egg plates, cutting boards, etc.  The kitchen counters were piled high with seldom used plastic, glass and metal.


“It’s our dishwasher.”




“There is water in this cupboard.”  I helped him find a place for the last of the items.  He turned the water back on to the dishwasher, and we grabbed a flashlight in hopes of spotting the leak.


There it was.  A pin sized hole was spraying a light, steady stream of water at the back of the cupboard.


It was the end of our “Sabbath”.  We typically take turns taking naps and lay around on Sundays.  Nope, not that Sunday!  From supplying towels to mop up the pooled water, to removing the dishwasher and hose, to pulling up the floor to make sure it is thoroughly dried, we, especially Paul, worked all afternoon.


So why do I tell you this story?


As we prayed last night, Paul hit it right on the head.  “God, that teeny tiny hole has caused much damage to our kitchen and to the laundry room downstairs.  Lord, may I keep from sin, even the tiniest of sin that doesn’t seem like it would hurt anything for I know that even the slightest sin can cause much damage.”


To which I am only able to respond with, “Amen!”


About bethanyswanson

I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, writer, teacher, artist, cook, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, friend, laundry lady, house keeper, taxi service, sensory of movies and tv, and work in progress.
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