The Swanson family with Los Angeles Skyline in background (Fall 2008)

I am a work in progress.  Love is easy for me to give.  Creating a respite for my family is my favorite pastime.  Worshipping Christ and attempting to be His hands and feet is my purpose in life.  He loves and accepts me just as I am, but loves me too much to leave me this way.

I am one of the most average people in the world.  I was born second of three.  I never got straight A’s.  I know the reward of trying hard, but failure has refined my rough edges to accept those things I am not able to do – at least right now.  Failure does not mean I will not try again, just that I didn’t achieve the degree of perfection I intended at the moment the given action was performed.

I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  We moved to Salta, Argentina when I was four or five.  Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Marion, Indiana, Houghton, New York and Azusa, California have also been called home.

My parents raised me to know of their God, but they created within me a desire to know him for myself early in life.  My older brother’s family lives next door to my parents.  My little sister is such a blessing!  She knows me far too well and has been one of my greatest cheerleaders in this life.  I speak to her almost every day.

I met Paul when I was searching for a Christ-centered youth group.  A dear friend of mine told me there were a lot of really cute guys at J.C. Bodyshop.  The first time I laid eyes on him I was totally awe struck.  We began dating on April 7, 1989.  We married five years later.  He knows more about me than any one else, and he loves me anyways.  But he pushes me to be better and do more.  Love is a crime and he is my accomplice!

Two of the greatest people I know in the world have given me the title Mom.  I thank God daily for letting me borrow them from Him.

My son is meticulously picky.  He will probably work as a food inspector some day.  I think he gets this from my side of the family.  Drawing, reading mythology and any technical device are his passions.  He is very bright and inquisitive.  I have had some of the deepest conversations about God and faith with him.

My daughter is a free-spirit.  Her heart tells her where to put things.  This usually results in half dirty clothes decorating her bedroom floor and animal books being left in some of the strangest places in the house.  When she smiles, it is like the sun rising – all darkness vanishes.  I think she gets that from her father.  She will befriend any one and that includes all dogs, cats and any four-legged creatures.

I am a teacher who found myself unemployed since the small Christian school closed in June of 2009.  After six months of mourning my loss, I revisited an old gift – writing.  As a teen ager, I used writing and drawing as my therapy.  It returned twenty years later like a long lost friend.

Baking is my other favorite pastime.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to put a homemade supper on the table for my family after a long day at work and school.  It is not unusual for me to make four different combinations of food to meet the taste preferences of each member of the family.  Making it look pretty is fun too.

The images in this blog are all taken of me, by me, by Paul or I drew them.


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